1. Post Punctum

Post Punctum / 2019

It has been said that framing is a limitation.

A frame is chosen by a photographer, it includes what they deem to be the most important part of a larger scene. Hand in hand with this inclusion comes exclusion, in order to frame something we have to make decisions on what not to include.

In order to be a mother, my mother gave up a photographic career. The demands of single parenthood were too much for her to be both mother and photographer, and so the latter resided. Maggie Nelson’s words are poignant: here’s the catch: I cannot hold my baby at the same time as I write.

Post-Punctum collects together our documentation of each other, she photographs me and in turn (two decades later) I photograph her. Through our framing you read the devotion and interdependency of our complex relationship between myself, my mother and photography.